Our next race is April 12, 2014.




The long range forecast for April the 12th looks good. White Hills will be closing on April the 6th so the hill belongs to the Autism Society solely for race day.


Registration numbers will dictate when official registration and Tech inspection will take place. We are planning for both tech and registration to start around 8 am on Saturday the 12 of April. We will only accept registration up till 10:30 am. 11 am will be the mandatory racers meeting. Racing starting at 12 noon with King of the Mountain final scheduled for around 3 pm. The 120 race will also be held around the 3 pm mark. The 120 race is an engine displacement race and will not be separated by age. It also follows the trail stock requirements for tech inspection. It will also be shortened to around the 300 foot mark.


Our current sponsorship program along with the high cost of producing this event prevents us from having cash payouts at this time. However like last year we are listening to the racers, we are working out a system that may be able to accommodate these payouts for next year.


Again we will be using 4 lanes. We are modifying the start area to have lots of snow so we don’t work our way down to the ice. If the start area deteriorates we will have the ability to move the start back and keep good traction. Like our last race I anticipate a very good track again. Remember 660 feet!


Our lighting system will be the red green only. Hopefully for the first race of next year we will have the full trees in operation. Our computer system will be displayed in the window of the pit like the last race and we will also be announcing the races. We are working on a way to display the total time and reaction time for every race. Unfortunately I don’t think this will be ready for the April race.


We are able to accommodate trailers around the pit area during the race. Please check with a Race official before parking so we can keep it organized.


Again we look forward to seeing all the racers again. The professionalism and reasonable attitude displayed by you all keeps our volunteers coming back !!!



February 8th Results



  • Trail Stock


    1. Deon Penney

    2. Jake Payne

    3. Brandon Baker



    1. Dino Soper

    2. Brandon Baker

    3. Deon Penney



    1. Jake Payne

    2. Mark Tinkham

    3. Dino Soper



    1. Trevor Holloway

    2. David Tremblett

    3. Mark Tinkham


  • Pro Stock


    1. Jonathan Young

    2. Matthew Guy

    3. Guy Styles



    1. Guy Styles

    2. Jimmy Gabriel

    3. Jonathan Young



    1. Trevor Young

    2. Darnell Hickey

    3. Randy Vaslett


  • Improved Stock


    1. Daniel Lavhey

    2. Todd Moss

    3. Matt Sheppard



    1. Scott Lane

    2. Jimmy Gabriel

    3. Kyle Cooze



    1. Jimmy Gabriel

    2. Trevor Young

    3. Randy Vaslett


  • Power Adder

    1. Andre Vokey

    2. Shannon Howse

    3. Jamie Wells

  • King of the Mountain

    1. Shannon Howse

    2. Andre Vokey

    3. John Mitchell

The First Race has been rescheduled!


Be advised that we have re-scheduled our first race for February 8th.  Because of previous commitments White Hills made to their clients we will need to race in the evening hours.  Our first race will start at 4 pm sharp.  Because we respect your time and the time of our dedicated volunteers we are making some stipulations to



Racers who registered for the January 18th race (which was cancelled) will have first choice of registering for the race on February 8th.


Registration will open for these individuals tomorrow morning and stay open until Saturday at 4:30 NST.  You can also still choose to either ask for a refund for the first race or to transfer your registration fees in full to the race happening on March 22 if you have not already done so


Registration will open at 4:31 NST on Saturday to individuals who did NOT register for the first race of the year.


The number of sleds will be limited to 50


The number of classes limited to 2


The Power Adder Class will be added to the registration page


We will be setting up the track all week next week at White Hills and have all the snow fence put in place to barrier spectators and skiers.  The only work to be done on race day will be to physically mark the lanes.


Thanks again for all your support and enthusiasm.  We are doing everything in our power to keep the organization of the races as tight as possible and answer all questions in a timely fashion.  As always I’d like to reiterate that we could not run this event without the kind dedication of our volunteers.  ASNL EASTERN has invested significant time, energy and money in order to make these racing experiences successful.  Each fundraising dollar we make goes directly to providing programs and services of all the clients affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder in our region.  For this reason we offer trophies.  Thanks for being understanding of this fact.


This race will be our first using the new lighting system and new race software.  We are really looking forward to it.


If you have any questions please let us know.



Race Update - Postponed


Snow conditions at White Hills are continuing to deteriorate at a very rapid pace.  For this reason we have been forced to postpone the January 18th race.  Volunteers have been working VERY hard to ensure the track was in the best shape possible for this first race and things were looking very good.  As you all know we have had many days of near double digit temperatures, then rain, and now looking at the forecast it looks pretty bleak.  It is impossible to predict exactly how the track conditions will look on Saturday after more rain and warm temperatures, however, we feel this is the best decision for all.


For those of you many dedicated racers who registered there are two options:

1.       Transfer your registration fee’s (in full) to the next event


2.       Ask for a full refund


Those of you asking for refunds please be patient as we have seen the registration nearly triple over the weekend.  We will have your refund worked out on Tuesday and Wednesday through PayPal.


Please know that we are working diligently to book our next date between now and the second race of the year (March 22) and will send that information as soon as it is available.


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.





Update on Races January 09 2014


As many of you have heard - White Hills and the Town of Clarenville accessed funding to build a brand new –state of the art track for racing snowmobiles during winter.  Unfortunately the early arrival of snow has hindered the construction of the brand new track. We will have access to this track for next season but for the current season we will remain on the hill.  Yes the same hill as last year! We do know there were problems with the track last year.  We get it!!! So this is what we are doing about it:


The hill has four areas of concern. First it is not wide enough for four lanes. We have the snow guns currently making snow to eliminate the taper towards the south. With the removal of the snowboard jumps, ramps and things will get us the four lanes.


The second area of concern is the first little dip in the track again towards the south about 150 feet from the start line.  The third area concern is another dip about 450 feet from the start line. Both of these dips are currently being filled in and packed so they should not show up in the race.


Last but not least is the finish line.  We are having every bit of snow that we can make available moved to this area to make the transition over the finish line as gradual as possible. Trust we know what the racers are looking for and we are trying to make that happen.


For the construction of this track we have been generously offered some volunteer help from some significant racers on the island. These guys are in the groomer with the operator.  As long as the weather holds together there will be a great track.


Answers to other commonly asked questions:

- The 120cc race is happening during the March 22 race along with some other activities for children.  It will NOT be taking place during the January 18


- If registration is too low we will cancel the first race.  We are extending the registration deadline until Monday, January 13th end of business day (4:30 pm NST)  because of those waiting on rotation schedules, weather and power issues.


- This is a fundraising event.  We are giving trophies for prizes.


- There will be Autism related swag for sale at the event


- The new lights are not in but will be flown in this week


- If you have a smart phone sign up for face book, that’s where you will find out when you are racing during race day.  There will also a loud speaker.


Thanks for your dedication and support to the Autism Society – Eastern Chapter!

Race Officials



Technical Update




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